Thursday, October 8, 2009

Internal Messages & Partner Settings

Internal Messages, EDI protocols, Partner settings combined together enables integration of a third party POS interface with M3 solution. Because of these arrangements retail Point of Sales operation is executed on a POS interface, reducing the dependency on Movex. Batch update of POS transactions updates stock ledger, Sales Statistics and General ledger entries in Movex.

The Retail Store where POS interface to be integrated has to be used is defined a warehouse shop in Movex. With POS settings it can be defined how Finance entries, Sales statistics and inventory transaction can be updated in Movex.

The Shop Warehouse is also needs to be defined as a partner in Movex. Partner implies as a third party software entity which will have interactive communication with Movex through APIs. These API strings are validated and distinguished by EDI messages. E.g. for retail POS transactions EDI message INVOIC is used.

The EDI message is attached with a qualifier defined in Movex. Qualifiers act as a filtration protocol in M3

If Shop-Warehouse is not defined as a partner in Movex, an error message will be generated in Sales Statistics table - “Partner does not exist”.

We have separate record types defined for Movex, which differentiates POS Interface API strings on the basis of transactions like Sales, Sales Return, Payment, Credit Note, Gift Voucher etc. Each type of POS transaction can be configured with a separate accounting file in Movex. This enables a comprehensive integration of POS activities in Movex.

These batch entries are saved in the designated temporary table in M3, after being validated they are moved to the table where these transactions are saved in a permanent table. The API for updating batch entries is triggered thereafter which updates inventory, sales statistics and general ledger. If any of the string has erroneous data entire batch of transactions can not be updated in M3.

Once batch update is executed, internal messages are generated in Movex. Validation of internal messages is an automated process in Movex. If there is any error is validation or execution of internal messages, they are updated with status designated for errors and corresponding associated transactions can be accessed for such messages.

Movex is now updated with transactions performed at POS interface.

API- Application Program Interface
EDI- Electronic Data Interchange
POS – Point of Sales